Letter to the editor: Regional library board members support censorship


Can Fort Vancouver Regional Library (FVRL) board members be impeached for un-American activities? The more I see of FVRL board meetings and the insistence by some board members on banning materials and activities from our library system, the more I hope so.

These individuals have obviously learned nothing from history. In 1933, German students gave the Nazi salute as they stood watching 33,000 books burn: authors like Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann, Jack London, Theodore Dreiser and Helen Keller.

These self-serving board members claim, just like those German students of 1933, to be protecting others from harm by censoring certain ideas. Do not believe this nonsense. Their true and insidious desire is to remove from our library that which they believe others should not have access to, items a majority of us believe should stay.

The government, which includes the citizen-funded through our taxes, quasi-government FVRL board, does not, nor do I hope, will it ever have the right to forbid us from saying, writing or reading what we like, what we want to learn and understand by using our libraries. This is still the United States of America, right?

Marjorie Casswell