Letter to the editor: Rob Peterson ‘level-headed, forward-thinking, open and honest’


I have had the pleasure of meeting with Rob Peterson several times over the past few months, and he is definitely the right person to represent our community on the Ridgefield school board. Rob, although busy with five children and a full-time job, is passionate about education and his community. He regularly attends school board meetings, has a solid grasp on what the job of a board member is and brings loads of experience with him.

While there are many things to admire about Mr. Peterson, the one I respect the most is that he has not accepted any money, nor endorsements from outside groups, allowing him to remain independent. As a teacher at Ridgefield High School, this is important to me because we need leaders who will not feel indebted to interest groups or unions who have donated to their campaign, so Rob can make decisions based solely on what is best for students, staff and district.

Rob is level-headed, forward-thinking, open and honest, and he has my full support in this election.

Angela Gardner