Letter to the editor: The world needs more power, not less


The Alliance for Community Engagement sent a letter to The Reflector, which was printed on Dec. 15, regarding Don Brunell’s editorial “Build America Back” in which he made the case for fossil fuel.  Let’s start at the beginning:

1. It is not a “fact” that fossil fuels are destroying our chance for a “safe, healthy and equitable future.” Greece is putting coal fire plants back in operation and Japan is building 22 new coal fire plants to compensate for Fukushima shutting down. The African Energy Chamber accuses the west of eco-imperialism and says the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) is a death sentence for Africans. India is building coal mines in Botswana, as is China, which by the way has walked back its “commitments” made at Glasgow, COP 26. Germany is closing down three of its newest nuclear reactors, 8.5 GW of baseload, enough to power the nation of Denmark. The USA is doing the same, with the same eventual outcome, meaning we will have to rely on imported natural gas, or wood to burn, for our energy — national suicide. We are shutting down pipelines, restricting drilling fields, selling offshore oil fields, and then begging the EUA for greater oil production? “Progressive” Greens want to destroy dams to save endangered fish, disregarding the needs of agriculture, industry and homeowners. How about hydroelectric power?

2. Renewable energy comes with a cost. Wind farms and solar panel farms cause ecological damage in many places around the world, i.g., Australia, etc.

3.  Electrical powered automobiles require huge quantities of lithium (white gold) for their batteries, destroying native environments in developing countries, such as Peru, Africa and many others. Nations, such as Germany, the USA and China are buying up huge tracts of land in these developing countries for the production of lithium. The disposal of old solar panels and wind farms is sent to places like Africa for destruction: out of sight, out of mind. Let them deal with it. Colonialism anyone?

4. Global warming is not the cause of extreme weather disasters. The rush to use every hurricane, tornado, drought, flooding and forest fire as a scare tactic to energize the public hides the real reasons for these events, and clouds policy makers minds, making them unable to see the things that could actually be done to at least rectify or combat these natural disasters.

5. AGW is a Western obsession. It’s funded by huge charitable trusts, such as The Tides Foundation, Ford, Rockefeller, Mellon and Act Blue (Read the book, The New Leviathan-David Horowitz)  and individuals such as Gates and Soros, ad nauseam. 

The world needs more power, not less, and the future of power includes nuclear, fossil fuel, hydroelectric, and yes “renewables” where applicable. Anyone who believes that a mere reduction in CO2 will save the world is delusional, or worse.

Jim Roth,