Letter to the editor: There is little or nothing that Joe Kent can do


This is in response to Erin Van Natta’s letter to the editor about Joe Kent.

First, as a veteran myself, I thank Mr. Kent for his service. And, I am impressed by Ms. Van Natta’s knowledge and concern about such a variety of political issues. Not bad for “a recent high school graduate.” I am a good many years down the road from high school. During that journey, I obtained a university degree in political science and a law degree. I have personally witnessed American political leaders starting with Eisenhower, then Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and so on. And all the people in Congress that surrounded them.

One lesson that Ms. Van Natta will learn as time goes on is that the power and influence of a single congressperson is extremely limited, especially a rookie. Legally, and practically, there is little or nothing that Mr. Kent can do about most of the issues listed by her. If he wins the election, his first term will be pretty much to do exactly what Kevin McCarthy tells him to do, especially if McCarthy becomes Speaker. 

The same goes for Carolyn Long if she wins. Third time may be a charm, but she will do exactly what Nancy Pelosi tells her to do in her first term. Failing that for either of them means political Siberia. And Mr. Kent will not, single handedly, “take on the corruption in D.C.” I know that everyone running for office talks as if they can do all kinds of things by themselves, but the system doesn’t work that way. Besides, people believing in or doing things that you don’t like doesn’t necessarily translate into “corruption.” All of us, Republicans and Democrats, need to stop thinking like that.

Jaime Herrera Beutler has enough seniority and experience, as well as earned respect, to actually get things done, to the degree that they can get done. I’m afraid, Ms. Van Natta, that is the best we can expect. That’s why I will be supporting Congresswoman Herrera Beutler, again, for re-election.