Letter to the Editor: Trump not dangerous to America



Before ignorance replaced common sense, politicians helped the working man and woman. Today they can’t even identify a man or woman. Mainstream media gave up truth in journalism to support these Democrats. For instance, MSNBC believed Rep. Adam Schiff’s lies that President Donald Trump was a corrupt man working for Russia. They enthusiastically aired this falsehood for over two years without proof. This “Russian agent” turned their political world upside down to save American freedom and progressives still hate him for it.

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC, said of Trump, “He will execute whoever he is allowed.” Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker compares Trump and MAGA to the Germans of 1930. Bernie Sanders claims Trump is “one of the most dangerous political figures in modern American history.” Actually, Trump is not dangerous to America. He is dangerous to the socialist agenda. They term everything they disagree with as disinformation to shut down free speech. President Joe Biden’s favorite go-to is “we all must come together.” Then, in the next breath, he calls Republicans extremists. Everything Biden does is extreme. He broke our Southern border with the stroke of a pen. Leaving Americans behind in a terrorist nation, his war on energy, rising crime, chaos, homelessness, antisemitism, inflation and two new wars are all on him. Iran’s proxies are fighting us in a third war, and China has yet to act on Taiwan. Trump, on the other hand, killed Iran’s top terrorist, Gen.Soleimani, after they killed a single American. He kept peace through strength and our enemies kept their heads down.

Hillary Clinton’s hatred for deplorable Republicans has not ebbed. She says we must be “deprogrammed.” That is communism. She claims we “hate migrants, gay people and Black people.” We don’t hate migrants, gays, blacks or even Hillary. We hate that freedom is being erased by an elitist party that inserts itself above the true government, “we the people.” Democrats are desperate. They have no real successes to campaign on and resort to name calling. Their lies keep people divided and demoralized so we will give up, allowing them to win. The indictments against Trump are meant to slow his campaign and perhaps jail Biden’s No. 1 opponent. How can Joe win if not through election interference? Donald Trump has withstood eight years of Democrat persecution. Who else can stand up for the people and not succumb to this onslaught of hatred? We cannot conform to the left’s world of hate. These elitists truly need to find God’s love before they destroy themselves and a nation. Vote like your lives depend on it this November because they do. We will not be free in a socialist America. Isn’t it strange that the left thinks “Make America Great Again” is derogatory? It’s not so strange if you hate America. It is time to trade Democrats for independents and keep our two-party system of fair and balanced government intact. Stand up and speak up or remain forever silent. Vote.

Roy Schimelpfenig