Letter to the editor: Vote for America, not for political parties


The cult of Trump, also known as the current Republican Party, is trying to destroy America! What have the Republicans accomplished lately? They have put more guns on the streets. They have rolled back voting rights. They have taken away personal medical choices.

They have encouraged and promoted discrimination. They are on the verge of not paying the debts we have already incurred. They are on the verge of shutting down the government. They would let Russia and China do as they please. They are trying to change and subvert the Constitution. Their rule of law applies to others, not to themselves.

The 2024 election is an election of democracy for all. Vote for America, not the Republican or Democrat party. Ask yourself, what does that person stand for? Is he/she a cult of a Trump acolyte or a person who believes in the ideals and values of America.

Joe Kent is a Trump acolyte and believer. Do not vote for Joe Kent. The Republicans made a mistake when they voted out Jamie Herrera Buetler. At least she had the common sense that Trump did not deserve to be president any longer. Four indictments, 91 charges, two civil suits: Enough said!

Kai Lee