Letter to the editor: What Munson is asking for is not freedom


I am writing in opposition to any Medical Freedom ordinance being adopted by the council. Any such proposal is likely to violate state law and open the city and each councilor to lawsuits and liability. More importantly, it could damage already fragile small businesses and workers should the council give them this signal that they can flout mandates and expose their workers and customers to harm. In this time of hardship for our community, Brian Munson is wasting the council’s time with political grandstanding, and he’s risking the lives of our citizens with this nonsense proposal.

The sycophantic coverage of this proposal, which hasn’t even been drafted yet, is stunning. The Reflector should have interviewed some of the 95% of people in Battle Ground that choose to mask up at our small businesses, choose to vaccinate themselves and their children without coercion, and see through this transparent push by Munson as nothing but a campaign vehicle for an attention-seeker.

What Munson is asking for is not freedom. It is hocus pocus with no payoff for our citizens, our community, or our safety. The only thing that will provide us with freedom from this disease is cooperation and care for each other. By working together, personally choosing to get vaccinated, encouraging the hold-outs to get vaccinated, and masking up inside, we can keep each other safe until this “angel of death” passes over all our houses.


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