LTTE: Stand with Jewish brethren and students living in fear


Antisemitism infects a large number of college students today. Either naively or on purpose, they side with Hamas terrorists at anti-Israel protests. The disease has crossed over to high-schoolers and adults as well. Some deny Hamas horrifically slaughtered Israeli mothers, babies, 1,400 Jews and 32 Americans.

The hostages taken, including Americans, will be used as shields between themselves and the Israeli military that has sworn to hunt them down. These cowards will even hide behind innocent Palestinian families. Other uneducated students believe Israel deserved the carnage they received. They are probably the same students that cover their faces and shout “death to Israel.”

Is this the left’s definition of diversity, equity and inclusion? Is Germany’s past our future? Two percent of our population is Jewish, yet they endure 60% of all hate crime. That’s six times more than Muslims receive. But President Joe Biden ignores antisemites as extremists and scolds America for Islamophobia instead. He reserves “extremists” for MAGA Republicans. Huh? Why is he playing political games at a time such as this? Iran is able to fund Hamas and all their proxies because Biden lifted Trump’s sanctions on them. They now sell over three million barrels of oil a day for terrorism.

President Barack Obama, too, gave them a lot of cash. They are not frightened because Biden whispered quietly into a camera, “don’t, don’t, don’t.” Iran’s proxies continue launching missiles and drones at U.S. bases.

When Trump was president, he killed Iran’s top terrorist, General Soleimani, after they killed a single American. Terrorism stopped because peace through strength works, and the Ayatollah may have been next on the list. Unfortunately, Biden’s weakness and our open border invites terrorism here as well. Three-hundred people on the terror watchlist have been arrested at the border but that does not include any of his 1.6 million “gotaways.” How many will be up to no good? What about these left-wing protests? Will they turn into the riots of 2020 when businesses were burned, police were assaulted and 20 people died? Will Democrats again remain silent to the anarchy? Assaults and at least one killing have already begun. This nation has taken a wrong turn way left of its founding.

Progressive politicians and their biased media claim that MAGA and Christians are a cult and a bigger threat to America than Hamas. It is clear that Jews are not the only people they hate. We are all free Americans, and our Jewish brethren and students live in fear. Stand with them and Israel. Speak out against antisemitism especially when our president and vice president can’t be bothered. Show the world we still have a heart and haven’t sold our souls to Satan. If evil wins, we all lose, including those students that fight for a nonsensical fad.

Roy Schimelpfenig