New city beautification committee to focus on future roundabouts


The Battle Ground City Council has given staff the green light to spearhead an arts committee that would advise the city on beautifying future roundabouts.

Deputy City Manager Rob Ferrier suggested the creation of the committee to the City Council last week that would propose artistic features to future roundabouts to create visual appeal special to Battle Ground.

“As council knows, many communities across the country choose to incorporate artistic or aesthetically pleasing elements in their roundabout design. It helps to provide a sense of place that’s unique to each location,” Ferrier said.

He noted the proposed roundabout at the Northwest Onsdorff Boulevard/state Route 503 intersection, north of Chief Umtuch Middle School, would be a good starting point in improving Battle Ground’s curb appeal and involving the community, as well.

He also stated the intersection of state Route 503 and Southeast Rasmussen Boulevard, south of  Main Street, as another potential roundabout site, as is the intersection of state Route 502 and Northeast 92nd Avenue.

Ferrier recommended the beautification committee be composed of five members with differing backgrounds.

Recommendations included representatives from the Parks and Community Engagement board, one from the Battle Ground School District and one from the Planning Commission. Ferrier also recommended two of the members be from the local arts and business communities.

Ferrier said that the new committee has potential to expand its focus beyond roundabouts.

“This could include standalone amenities, things like sculptures, statues and structures. It could include integrated amenities like facades, pavements, and then applied amenities, which would be like murals, attached to a building itself,” Ferrier said.

The City Council unanimously approved the concept. Mayor Troy McCoy had a specific vision for one of the proposed roundabouts.

“Personally, I think if WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) forces us to have a roundabout and we somehow don’t work Bigfoot into that, we’ve dropped the ball,” McCoy said. “I’d like that as question one on the committee interview panel.”

City staff is currently formulating a plan for the future committee, including length of member terms and meeting times. The council will formally adopt the creation of the committee at a future date.