Pretty Baked Bakery rising to the occasion in Battle Ground


Battle Ground has a rising star in baking who has set out to make delectable sourdough creations.

Erin Potes of Pretty Baked Bakery has taken a journey into small-business ownership aimed at making mouths water.

“I started baking last fall. I never really have been too interested in it,” Potes said. “I have been hearing about how sourdough is full of nutrients, helps regulate blood sugar, and it’s good for gut health, and I wanted to give it a shot since I have been on a fitness journey myself and have lost 100 pounds.”

Her ventures into baking blossomed into a newfound love and natural talent for baking. Her discovery of a 233-year-old sourdough starter added a fascinating twist, creating a connection with tradition and history, Potes said. This is when Pretty Baked Bakery took root.

“My name came to me because it sounded fun and cute,” Potes said. “I wanted something hip and to represent me and my product. The idea of opening a bakery came to me when I decided I really did have a niche for bread. It has been so fun and interesting learning about the different processes, and I wanted to be able to share with the rest of the community.”

Establishing the business was no cakewalk, however, with numerous intricate steps and challenges. However, Potes persevered, and her dedication paid off as she began offering her baked goods to the Battle Ground community, discovering a surprising love for bread among locals.

“The community has been so amazing,” Potes said. “I have had so much support and received very kind words from everyone. I couldn’t have made it this far without the lovely people of Battle Ground. I am so thankful for you all.”

Pretty Baked Bakery specializes in a variety of baked items, all crafted with sourdough. Among the crowd favorites are focaccias, each paired with fresh and special ideas that complement the crispy, cloud-like bread.

I bake cinnamon rolls with cream-cheese frosting,” Potes said. “These have been a huge hit, too. I have a smaller menu as I am starting up, but eventually I will expand.”

An average day for Potes involves a day or two of preparation before actual baking begins. Sourdough’s specialized process demands a lengthy proofing time, involving measuring out the starter, mixing with flour and water, and allowing the dough to rest for 12 to 24 hours. The next day, Potes dives into shaping and creating the ordered items. During downtime, she focuses on packing orders, cleaning dishes and organizing tasks. The finished products are either delivered to customers or picked up from Erin’s kitchen.

To place an order or for more information on Pretty Baked Bakery, visit, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram at “Pretty Baked Bakery LLC.”