Ridgefield School District honors employee and students for May


Officials from the Ridgefield School District recognized its May employee and students of the month on May 10.

Kippi Barbouletos-Brink, from Sunset Ridge Intermediate School, was named the employee of the month. A news release stated Barbouletos-Brink has a long-standing history of excellence in teaching with 24 years of experience for the Ridgefield School District. She engages students in learning experiences, while challenging students to dive deeper, think critically, and work collaboratively. The release stated Barbouletos-Brink teaches with passion for her subject matter and is always willing to try new methods to best meet the needs of her students. She is described as a wonderful team member who goes out of her way to make learning engaging for her students.

Brynlee Emerick, a pre-kindergartener, was recognized as the student of the month at the Early Learning Center. The release stated Emerick has shown a lot of growth this year. She is described as full of energy and always motivated to help her teachers and friends. Emerick always has a smile on her face and greets her teachers and her peers every day with a hug and a wave. While she doesn’t always have the words to express what she wants or how she’s feeling, the release stated Emerick finds other ways to communicate.

Cooper Olsen, a kindergartener, was selected as the student of the month at South Ridge Elementary School. Olsen is described as a friend to all who always goes above and beyond to make sure his peers have a friend. He sets a strong example for kindness and is always willing to lend a helping hand, stated the release. Olsen has persevered through the school year when things felt challenging and has grown more confidence in the skills he has built.

Eli Driedger, a kindergartener, was selected as the student of the month at Union Ridge Elementary School. Driedger is noted to have an excitement for learning, responsibility and kindness. Driedger is said to show up to school with a smile on his face that spreads joy to those around him. “Eli is an excellent example of a student with a growth mindset who never gives up,” stated the release. “When someone is hurt or sad, I can count on Eli to help them out.”

Macaela “MJ” Williams, a sixth grader, was selected as the student of the month at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School. Williams is said to be a prime example at Ridgefield schools. She is respectful and kind to her teachers and students. The release said Williams frequently takes on the role of helper and works with students who need some extra assistance. Williams completes all of her assignments on time and to the best of her ability.

Evan Yost, an eighth grader, was picked as the student of the month at View Ridge Middle School. Some characteristics Yost’s teachers mentioned are his positive attitude, enthusiasm and his leadership role in class. “Evan has stepped up to be our ASB president for both of his years at View Ridge,” stated the release. “Evan is an enthusiastic and invested leader, and we have been lucky to have him on our ASB team. We know he is going to go on to do great things with his indomitable spirit.”

Caleb Benedick, a sophomore, was selected as the student of the month at Wisdom Ridge Academy. Benedick came to the academy at semester break this school year. To say he has adapted well to an online school program is an understatement, the release stated. Benedick is nearly through all of his coursework. Benedick said he enjoys WRA because it allows him to move at his own pace. Outside of school he enjoys programming competitions, playing keyboard at his church, working at summer camps, and has spent the last two summers building houses in Mexico. Benedick plans to attend Northwest Nazarene University to study computer programming.

Isabelle Sheley, a senior, was picked as the student of the month at Ridgefield High School. The release stated Sheley consistently does the little things and puts in the commitment and effort to succeed. Not only does she work through failures and bounce back stronger, but she is accountable and meets challenges head-on, the release stated. Sheley has a perfect grade point average and has taken nine AP classes, the release stated. Sheley is a three-sport athlete in cross country, gymnastics and track and field. She is also the secretary in the National Honor Society and is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. As of June 29, she will be enrolled and enlisted at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. She plans to major in physics with an emphasis in astrophysics. She hopes to become a fighter pilot or nuclear surface warfare officer.