Ridgefield School District honors May employee and students of the month


Employee of the Month

Alix Parsons, fifth grade teacher at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School

Alix Parsons received recognition as Ridgefield School District’s May Employee of the Month for being an exceptional teacher with her “go-with-the-flow” demeanor, a school district press release stated. Recently, Parson’s fifth grade students went above and beyond to nominate her as Employee of the Month and wrote an explanation to the school district. “Our class thinks that Ms. Parsons is worthy of being Employee of the Month because she is hardworking, caring, organized and an amazing person to be around,” the class’s letter explained. “Our final reason for why we think that Ms. Parsons deserves to be Employee of the Month is because overall, she is an amazing person to be around … We can tell her all about our upcoming competitions, or our plans for the weekend, and she listens. She engraves it to her heart and remembers everyone’s story. She hears us, not just as a teacher, but as an amazing person.”

Students of the Month

Adilyn Simpson, preschool at the Early Learning Center

Adilyn “Addy” Simpson is an exemplary student who illuminates the classroom with her kindness and compassion, according to the press release. “She is always so active at circle time and during classwork, sharing everything she has learned from last year at the ELC [Early Learning Center]. She is an absolute joy to have in class and she brightens everyone’s day the moment she walks in the door,” Simpson’s teacher said. Though Simpson’s teacher will miss her as she moves to the next grade this upcoming school year, her teacher is excited about Simpson’s future growth.

John Nelson, kindergarten at Union Ridge Elementary School

John Nelson’s kind heart, warm smile and friendly disposition have earned him recognition as one of May’s Students of the Month. Nelson has shown incredible academic growth this year due to his keen interest in learning, according to his teachers. Nelson’s teacher praised his humble attitude, despite his academic achievements in the press release. His teacher expressed excitement about Nelson’s future and looks forward to seeing how far he soars in the upcoming school year.

Adelynn Moro-Baxter, third grade at South Ridge Elementary School

Adelynn Moro-Baxter is known for being an exemplary student and role model for her peers at South Ridge Elementary School. Her ability to keep a smile and positive attitude, even when things are difficult, earned praise from her teachers in the press release. Moro-Baxter models the three R’s of South Ridge Elementary School: being respectful, responsible and resilient in her studies and relationships, according to the press release.

Jordan Camron, fifth grade at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School

Jordan Camron’s hardworking and positive attitude has carried him far this school year at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School. Known for his great integrity, Camron’s teachers praised his dedication to fairness and doing the right thing in the press release. Camron is also known for being a good steward of the school environment. His teachers noted that he frequently maintains the classroom, respectfully caring for its resources. “Jordan’s exemplary behavior and commitment to excellence make him a standout role model for his classmates,” Camron’s teacher said.

Tyson Miller, eighth grade at Wisdom Ridge Academy

Tyson Miller is a champion of respectfulness, responsibility and resilience, according to his teachers. Miller began attending Wisdom Ridge Academy in pursuit of a challenge and has excelled academically during this past year, the press release stated. “Tyson is a whirlwind of energy, activity and humor. He takes a full load of courses, stays on top of all of them, is two years ahead in math and still finds time for long rehearsals with Journey Theater,” eighth grade teacher Lindsay Robblee, said. Outside of academics, Miller enjoys theater, and he will soon play the lead role in “SpongeBob The Musical” by Journey Theater. In the future, Miller would like to pursue performing arts but is also considering a career in financial planning or mathematics, the press release stated.

Elizabeth Bloom, eighth grade at View Ridge Middle School

Elizabeth Bloom demonstrates kindness, respect and responsibility to teachers and peers alike at View Ridge Middle School. She is a scholar athlete on the school’s volleyball and basketball teams and is an important member of the school band and jazz band. “Lizzy is a spectacular student! From health class to P.E., she works to improve her skills or understanding on a daily basis with respect and resiliency,” health teacher Jerry DeShazer said. Bloom’s teachers expect she has a bright future ahead and look forward to seeing her continued growth in the upcoming school year.

Davis Sullivan, 11th grade at Ridgefield High School

Davis Sullivan is known for being a dedicated, dependable and invested student at Ridgefield High School. According to many teachers, Sullivan is a positive influence in their classes. “Davis was the first one to arrive at my class each day, and always with a smile. And every day as he left he said ‘thank you.’ His love of learning was contagious in my room,” Sullivan’s teacher said. “Davis is what I call a magical student. Always on time, respectful, kind and never negative. He is the perfect example of a student who works hard and strives to be better every day.” For Sullivan, Ridgefield High School is a close-knit family where everyone loves each other. When receiving his award, Sullivan thanked teachers Jill Uhacz and Angela Shields for expanding his academic horizons and teaching him the value of reading and sports.