Ridgefield students honor veterans



During a normal school year, students in school districts across the country would attend assemblies, write letters and more to honor veterans on Veterans Day. This year, instead of assemblies, Ridgefield School District schools took their events online with photos, videos and presentations. Classes in the district used the online events to spark discussion about military service and remembrance. 

Each school in the district created its own unique Veterans Day program for students. According to a news release from the district, many elements of the programs were created by students, including interviews with family members in the military, artwork, research projects and music.

Union Ridge Elementary School created a video showing the military family members of students. Students also created artwork to display at Seasons Coffee Shop, where an entire wall was covered with drawing that thanked veterans for their service. 

South Ridge Elementary School built a slideshow to educate students on the meaning of Veterans Day and included in the slideshow lessons on Veterans Day, the colors of the American Flag and citizenship. The show also included photos and family members in military service. 

Sunset Ridge Intermediate School and View Ridge Middle School leadership students worked together to create an interactive presentation for an online assembly. It started with student presentations, including patriotic music and reports on Veterans Day and the flag. Holding the event online allowed for very personal Veterans Day tributes, with some students interviewing family members about their military service. Students also led the “Missing Man Table” ceremony to honor fallen veterans and another video with photos of family members in the military. 

Ridgefield High School’s ASB students created a slideshow of photos. They thanked veterans for their service and included photos of family members of students who had served in the military.