Rotary clubs assist students with mock interviews


 Members of the Lewis River and Battle Ground Rotary clubs came together on Monday, Jan. 23 to provide mock job interviews for 22 students at Battle Ground High School.  

Kevin Weeks, the introduction to business teacher at the high school, said his students have participated in the annual event with Rotarians for the last 19 years, according to a news release from Lewis River Rotary.

Each year, Weeks composes a list of mock employment opportunities that students can choose to apply to. Students then compose a cover letter and tailor their resume for the specific position, which is often the first time the students craft a resume. 

Twenty Rotarians from both clubs were then given students’ written materials to review and critique prior to the mock job interview.

During the event, Rotarians act as potential employers and query the students about their qualifications, education, skills and desire for the mock position, stated the release. After the mock job interview, Rotarians coached the students on their excelling qualities as well as any shortcomings and how to be better prepared for a real job interview.

Rotarians used a scoring sheet and the students were provided with written feedback about their experience.

“Most students admit they have never had a sit-down interview before and appreciate having their first experience be a ‘mock’ interview with suggestions on improvement and general feedback,” stated the release.

Conducting mock interviews has been a longstanding tradition for Lewis River Rotary for both Weeks’ class and for students in ROTC.  ROTC students will be provided mock interviews later in the school year.

Lewis River Rotary celebrated its 30th anniversary serving the North Clark County area on Jan. 28. The club will have a dinner banquet and awards ceremony for outstanding Rotarians at Windy Hills Winery in Ridgefield.

Lewis River Rotary meets at 7 a.m. on the first and third Tuesday of the month and also meets at 5:45 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at the Battle Ground Community Center at 912 E. Main St.

For more information, follow Lewis River Rotary Club on Facebook or contact president Kelly Muscarella-Park at 360-687-2767.