Suspects in Clark County Sheriff’s detective shooting sentenced


The three people found guilty in the fatal shooting of Clark County Sheriff’s Detective Jeremy Brown have been sentenced, with jail time ranging from several decades to life in prison.

On Oct. 5, Guillermo Raya Leon and Misty Raya, his sister-in-law, were sentenced in Clark County Superior Court. Raya Leon received life in prison without possibility of parole for aggravated first-degree murder following a two-week trial for his involvement in Brown’s death. At the time, Brown was monitoring Raya Leon, Misty Raya and Misty Raya’s husband, Abran Raya Leon, at an East Vancouver apartment for alleged firearms trafficking.

Misty Raya also received a 25-year prison sentence in the case that day after pleading guilty to a murder charge and several firearms charges, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. On Aug. 31, Abran Raya Leon received 27 years for charges related to Brown’s death, though an appeal has been filed in his case, according to the state court database.

The sentences come more than two years after Brown was killed. On July 23, 2021, Brown was parked out at the edge of an apartment complex when Guillermo Raya Leon appeared from the complex and confronted Brown.

During the confrontation, Guillermo Raya Leon fatally shot Brown in his SUV, the jury ruled. He sped off with Misty Raya and Abran Raya Leon, his brother, who crashed near Interstate 5 and Padden Parkway. Abran Raya Leon and Misty Raya were located nearby, and Guillermo Raya Leon was arrested in Salem, Oregon, two days after the shooting.

Brown’s death received an outpouring of condolences from the local community. He received both a posthumous promotion to sergeant and a memorial service with law enforcement from around the region shortly after his death filling ilani’s convention center.

During that service, then-chief criminal deputy and current county Sheriff John Horch eulogized Brown, with whom he had a working relationship during his tenure.

“Jeremy does not get to enjoy retirement. He was murdered for doing his job — murdered while trying to take guns off the street — and he has earned the right to be heard,” Horch said. “Bravery in the face of evil is what cops show every day. Jeremy was not afraid to confront issues and have real dialogue to provide peace and stability to all our lives.”