USA Construction & Remodeling prioritizes customer satisfaction


USA Construction & Remodeling in Ridgefield strives to turn its customers’ remodeling goals into a reality.

Owner Elijah Sannikov takes great pride in his work and does what he can to ensure his customers are satisfied. 

“Construction, for a lot of people, makes dreams come true,” Sannikov said. “A lot of people have this vision for construction, and they hope to basically get their brand new kitchen or brand new bathroom … or whatever it may be, and we help those dreams come true for people.”

He said his favorite part of the job is when customers see the finished product. 

“The best thing in it is when you see the transformation of the house and the dream or the vision of the people are achieved, and you just see that smile on their faces,” Sannikov said. 

When Sannikov started in 2009, he said most builders were “just kind of getting it through,” but he decided to take the time to hear his customers out, learn exactly what they are looking for and achieve those visions. For him, it’s “not a production, but it’s just getting those goals achieved.”

“When you see a totally beat-up house or non-functional bathroom with weird designs, we open the walls up and make them more functionable, and (to) just see the look on their faces when they come in, (that) just beats it all,” Sannikov said. 

Remodeling is his passion and Sannikov said he has no plans to change his career path. He started working in the trade with his brother-in-law and fell in love with the work pretty quickly. The duo started working with tile before they transitioned to full house remodeling. 

Sannikov said it’s important that people have an expert who can help with remodeling projects. He’s seen people take on projects after watching YouTube videos or doing other research, but he said the task at hand is oftentimes complicated. 

“What happens is they end up paying twice for the job because they wasted all this material (and) their time, and they didn’t do a proper job,” Sannikov said. 

Sannikov said the most popular remodels he undertakes are usually kitchens and bathrooms, especially if people are trying to sell their homes. He also said feedback from customers has been “nothing but good so far.”

“I do try to take pride in our work,” Sannikov said. “Even though I know some of these things that we can easily get away with the customers don’t know about, but by my standards, I want to get everything properly done. … I don’t just do it as a job, I do it as a hobby. I like doing it.”

He is also careful about the employees he chooses to bring onto his team. 

“I don’t want them to treat it as a daily job. I want to see guys that actually love doing it, because if you like what you do, you’ll be good at it,” Sannikov said. 

USA Construction’s website can be found online at The business can be reached at 503-926-1255.


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