Woodland baseball season ends


The Woodland Beavers baseball team ended the season with a large slide in the standings, starting 6-1 and finishing 6-13 on the season.

The Beavers finished last week with a series against their 2A Greater St. Helens League rival, Ridgefield, resulting in an 8-0 loss on Wednesday, May 1 and a 7-2 loss on Friday, May 3.

“The season’s definitely not gone the way it needs to go or we want it to go,” head coach Nic Patee said after Wednesday’s loss. “I think the lesson we’ve learned is there’s a lot of little things that we don’t do that we’ve got to learn. So, today is a perfect example of it, you know, bases loaded, no outs and we strike out, strikeout, strikeout, you know, not thinking through the team at-bats, and so there’s an opportunity there. We talk about it as a team. We can get better, but it’s selfless baseball. It’s willing to do little things.”

After Patee’s first year at the helm for the Beavers, he’s looking toward the next season after this year’s underclassmen built varsity experience. The varsity roster for the Beavers for this season’s campaign featured four freshmen, two sophomores and four juniors.

Patee himself said he’s learned a lot.

“I’m also excited about, you know, I’ve learned a lot. This is my first time as a high school coach, and my job is to learn, and so there’s a bunch of things that I’ll change about how we prepare these guys for the game,” Patee said. “And, so I’m excited about that as well.”