Letter to the Editor: Current fire district levy not adequate for needs



As a firefighter, I am asking our community to learn more about Fire District 3’s lid lift. We are struggling to meet the emergency service needs of our community.

Call volumes have increased 25 % in six years, and our community requires more firefighters to respond. This includes paramedic-certified firefighters to provide critical patient care during medical emergencies, which are now 70 % of all calls. We also need to staff the station on Rawson Road full time to improve our emergency response districtwide.

The current fire levy is not adequate to fund what our community requires. The levy rate falls every year, and we have had to cut funding for two firefighter/paramedics as a result. A failed levy lid lift will continue to result in reduced staffing, longer response times, unstaffed fire stations and higher homeowner insurance premiums for residents.

I have lived in Fire District 3 for 25 years and have served it for 20 years. Our fire district doesn’t control growth, but we must serve it. Without adequate funding, all residents, new and old, suffer from longer response times and outdated medical/rescue equipment. Please learn more at www.fire3.org.

Charlie Campbell

Battle Ground