Letter to the Editor: State’s voting system is working



Recently, there was an editorial about elections. The point raised was that there was less voter turnout, and so we need more oversight, including more monitoring at the polling boxes and chain of custody reports. In studies following the 2016 and 2018 elections, as reported in the Washington Post, the error rate for three vote-by-mail states was 0.0025% (Viebeck 6/08/2020). The updated data on the Washington State 2023 Report on Elections on ballot rejection rates was reported at 0.01% (Annual Report of Washington State Elections). Most of those issues were mistakes by voters such as absent signatures, missing date of voting and late postmarks.

Most of those came on late postmarks. The total of the state rejected ballots were a little more than 1%. The Clark County vote rejection rate was about 1.5%. Very few are because ballots

are sent in for deceased relatives. The system is working.

Mike Myers

Battle Ground